There is no right way to parent, period.

Being a mom can be the greatest joy in your life while also feeling completely overwhelming, terrifying and even impossible.  The amount of “things” we have to do, paired with the sheer volume of information available to us can make it even harder to determine if we are “doing it right”.  Are we screwing up these tiny humans? Will our children resent our parenting? Will other mom’s judge us for our choices? Will we ever sleep again? These questions can leave you feeling like a hot mess. Natural birth, epidurals, cesarean, breastfeeding, formula, attachment parenting, bed sharing, sleep training UGH! Where is the balance between what is best for baby and parental sanity?  How can you be a great mom and still be your own person? Maine Mother + Company is your place for solid, unbiased information. A judgement free zone where you can work out best choices for YOUR family.

There simply is no right way to parent. Imagine being surrounded by uplifting supportive women who get it. Imagine being able to share your true fears and hopes, to share the best moments but also the frustration and heartbreak that is parenting. To share a cup of coffee, in your jammies or heels, to let the tears flow, or the belly laughter echo.  Maine Mother + Company is where you figure it all out. We have the expert guidance you are looking for paired with the community and circle of support you are craving. Our practitioners are focused on your physical and mental well being as a mother. More importantly, we are mother’s ourselves. We understand the constant uncertainty and social pressure to be a super mom.

 We believe confidence is a super power. Let’s help each other get there.


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