Support, Confidence, Community


Happy healthy moms will heal the planet.

Moms, join forces and build each other up. We are better together!


Build your community

Learn more about the groups, workshops and classes being offered at Maine Mother and Company.

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Increase your band-width

Join us in a judgement free space for working it all out. Get one-on-one support or attend one of our group events.

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Physical health as a foundation

Improve your physical health and improve your fulfillment. Our practitioners are available to help you every step of the way.


We’ve Hand picked our providers.

The practitioners at Maine Mother and Company are the top experts in their field. These care providers truly stand out and excel in their areas of expertise, with hands-on motherhood experience.

We’re a cohesive group collaborating on your care (with permission) to provide support for your whole being.


It’s time to Come together

Working with families for twenty years has opened my eyes to the value and benefit of bringing experts together to support families’ needs. I have gained a clear understanding of what type of unbiased support parents desire and the type of collaborative care that eases the transition into parenthood. This experience coupled with almost twenty five years of parenting my own five, very individual children has led me down this path of working with new and experienced families. With a goal of helping parents find their confidence and follow their gut, I began to image a place for moms to come together with all the resources they need to grow into the parents they were meant to be. Because self care is great, but being cared FOR is better.

As a community, we are crucial to one another’s development. The coming together of providers, parents, and children to improve their well-being has a ripple effect that can be felt throughout our lives and our communities. Maine Mother and Company is the culmination of my hopes and wishes for new parents as they get to know their tiny humans. I believe Supporting new families can change our world. Let’s lift them up while they raise our future.